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Humboldt Standard

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About US

The Humboldt Standard has printed the "Good News" in Richardson County Since 1882!!!

The Humboldt Standard is a weekly newspaper in Humboldt, Nebraska. We've printed the "Good News" since 1882. Our coverage area includes Richardson County, Pawnee County, Johnson County, and Nemaha County.  The Humboldt Standard is published on a weekly basis on Thursdays.  Once a year the Standard mails out a free copy of the Humboldt Standard which covers the Richardson County Fair. There are over 7,500 copies of this issue that are mailed out and distributed. That's a lot of coverage for your advertising buck. We generally get 200+ ads for this issue.  A sample copy of this issue is included on the website.
Are you interested in receiving a back issue either mailed or emailed to you? We keep back issues on file for this reason.  Our email copies start in May of 2011. That's when we started to keep PDF copies of the paper.
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